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Apr 27

Vision Summit 2017 is coming up!

Posted in Virtual Reality on by David Morales

Vision Summit, the most anticipated Virtual Reality conference of 2017 is coming up next week. I've had the pleasure to be invited by Unity to be one of the speakers. The session will discuss location-based virtual reality installations. If you are going make sure to check it out and say hi! 

Vision Summit 2017

Vision Summit 2017 Now that I've gotten the shameless plug out of the way, let me tell you why we're so excited for the conference. Virtual reality has existed now for decades. I myself have been around the technology for close to 20 years.

That said, VR as we know it today is only a couple of years old. In addition, Virtual Reality experiences for theme parks, museums and digital installations is a brand new medium. We need conferences like this to bring awareness to our niche. 'Why?' you may ask. We'll we happen to believe the medium has the potential to deliver immerse audiences in ways never possible before.

Yes it sounds quite dramatic, I know. We truly believe it. The whole point of virtualizing reality is to trick the mind into thinking you are somewhere else right? Yet virtual reality headsets by themselves only tackle 40% of your senses! We’re starting to employ technology to tackle the remaining 60%. This includes your touch, your smell and even your taste. The integration and technology with show control systems already exists, and in fact is quite old. We look forward to the future of location-based virtual reality. We've only encounter the tip of the iceberg.