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Dec 28

To Vine or Not to Vine – Can Your Business Benefit From Using the Vine?

Posted in In The Know on by Jeff Bronson

It has been a little over a year since Vine made its debut on the app store. The second it landed the video tweeting app was a massive success. Inside of its first month Vine had a higher percentage of users than any of its competitors. Vine's third month had it sitting at the top of the free app charts in the app store.

Vine is still going strong today which is why many companies are using the video app as a branding opportunity. It is a tactic that has been paying off with studies showing that up to 4% of the top hundred Vine tweets were branded.

Vine, like Twitter, is not going anywhere and neither is the branding opportunities that is offering businesses. So what businesses owners need to ask themselves is can they afford to pass up on such an easy branding tool? Vine tweets may only last 6 seconds but it still offers you the chance to get your brand out there for free. The chance to reach out to new audiences with targeted content for free is something that no business should pass up on. All they need to do is think of how Vine can best serve their branding needs.

Obviously six seconds won't give business owners a huge amount of time to tell their audience about their brand. Vine tweets are about quickly telling a story to the people watching with a definitive beginning, middle, and end. Vine forces businesses to become creative with their advertising techniques; making them get straight to the point. If you want to use the Vine for your branding then you will need to be able to develop content that drives home the message quickly.

A great example of this is the way that Toyota and other automotive companies have used Vine. They have created stop motion videos to show off their latest cars. All they do is throw in some flair with the text they use to finish drawing in viewers. Other companies have found that Vine is great for more than free advertising; it's also a way to get information out to your audience. Vine gives companies a direct link to their target audiences with no news agency middle man. Anytime a business wants to put the word out about a new product or promotion Vine lets them do it instantly.

Vine takes away dozens of hoops that businesses normally have to jump through to get their branded content to the audience. That is why so many have started turning to it to drive their content forward and why you should consider it yourself. The Vine can be hard to grasp at first but overtime you will learn the best ways to utilize those short six seconds it gives. Vine will save your business huge sums of money in advertising and press release costs. All it takes is the time to learn who your target audience is and what their looking for.

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