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Dec 30

Possible Future of Web Marketing with Wearable Technology

Posted in In The Know on by Jeff Bronson

Wearable technology has only been on the market for a few years but it has already exploded in popularity among consumers. It's projected that by 2016, 100 million wearable devices will be on the market, that is an unbelievable number. It should also make it obvious that wearable technology isn't going anywhere which is an important piece of information for marketers. Wearable technology is changing all the usual rules of web marketing, so it's going to have to adapt.

What makes web marketing so different on wearable technology is the way that consumers interact with it. Unlike web browsers on a computer consumers are not clicking on web pages or videos, they won't even do internet searches the same way. Wearable tech allows users to search for content with their eyes, voices, or gestures which completely changes how they consume content. Traditional web marketing strategies are not going to work with these new forms of consumption. Thankfully web marketers are already coming up with new strategies to meet this changing market.

A good majority of these new strategies are going to utilize the mobility of wearable technology. Google Glass, Pebble watch, Fitbit, and other wearables can tell marketers a lot about their consumers. Everything from the ads that their eyes focus on to their activity levels can be used in web marketing. Marketers can take all that information to create targeted ads that are more useful to their consumers.

Location information is going to be the holy grail of this new form of web marketing, something that Google has been making clear. Wearable technology is constantly aware of where the user is and usually what is around them. We have already seen examples of this with Apples iBeacon. It is able to alert users to reviews, coupons, and a host of other information about the stores that their near. Wearables such as Google Glass would be able to take this a step further because of how they work. Google Glass would be able to see everything that was around the wearer which means it can send even more targeted info to users. It would be able to bring up reviews, coupons, and other info right to their eyes.

It's possible that these methods could be used not just for stores but individual products. That is where the future of web marketing using wearable technology lies. People using wearables could potentially have all the information they could ever want about a product sent directly to their device. This kind of real time marketing would give web marketers an unprecedented level of connection with consumers. It's possible that they could start supplying consumers with real time information, such as flight delays. Web marketing with wearable technology is just beginning so we can't be sure what form it might take or what the limits of are. All we can be sure of is that wearable technology marketing is going to grow as fast as the technology itself.