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Dec 29

Importance of Creating a Focused Landing Page for Digital Products

Posted in In The Know on by Jeff Bronson

When someone creates a digital product whether it's a mobile game, app, or piece of software it is vital for them to get the word out. No matter how great the product is if no one knows about it then all the effort that went into it would be meaningless. Now since these products are digital it is much more difficult to market them, creators can't exactly take them door to door. That is why focused landing pages have become so important in recent years.

A focused landing page is a domain that is totally dedicated to the product someone is trying to promote. They buy the domain related to their product then create a site that acts as nothing more than a marketing tool for it. Any time someone searches for the app or game, they will be directed to this focused landing page. It is every prospective customers way of learning about a product before they buy it.

That is why creating a well focused landing page for a digital product is so important. Focused landing pages are a creators link to the customer base. They are also the first line of marketing, something that will convince people to buy the product or not. So a digital product is only as strong as its landing page.

A strong landing page has some basic elements that creators should focus on to make their marketing a success. Visual appeal, strong headlines, simple design, strong keyword focus, and reinforcing the call to action. Visual appeal is important for obvious reasons, if your landing page is poorly done no one will stay long enough to see the content. Strong headlines are the next thing that will draw people in after the graphics so they have to be engaging to work.

An important part of a landing pages headlines are the keywords used in them. In fact a landing page needs to have a strong keyword focus to raise its SEO rankings so it gets noticed. Finally, reinforcing the pages call to action is key to its success. People needed to be reminded several times what the creators of the page want them to do. Usually that will be encouraging them to buy or invest in the product that the page is promoting. These techniques are the perfect foundation for a focused landing page.

Anyone who is trying to get the word out about a project should follow these guidelines when creating their landing page. They should also do research on other landing pages for products similar to the one that their selling. Creators can likely learn a lot from looking at pages created for successful products and use some of the same techniques.

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