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Nov 06

How eBay and Magento Plan to Enhance Your Online Shopping Experience

Posted in News on by JoeShon Monroe

Today we can easily say there are hundreds of thousands of online stores. Some are small while others are well established. Many store owners began selling goods on sites like eBay. eBay provided the security and infrastructure so that store owners could focus more on promoting their products. Now other services like Shopify, SquareSpace, and WooCommerce are providing the same experience. eBay has recently decided to invest their money into the open source online commerce platform Magento. Magento provides a secure framework for creating online stores with the ability to heavily customize the experience. With eBay as the proud new owners Magento is undergoing major changes to enhance online shopping experiences for customers and owners.

The rumored Magento 2.0 has been recently confirmed and is set to release Spring of next year. It aims to improve the user and developer experience from the public view of your site to the store’s admin. One of the first additions which made it into version 1.9 was the addition of a fully responsive theme. This allowed new store owners to get started with a mobile ready storefront. It also created a responsive building block for developers creating custom themes for Magento. At X Studios we aim to make our workflow streamlined and efficient. After creating numerous plugins and themes for our client’s who use Magento, we noticed that the process at times was cumbersome and difficult to test. With version 2.0 a theme can be installed from a single folder. This process is similar to Wordpress where a theme’s required files live in one location. This makes it easier for a developer to properly create a theme without getting lost and it helps shorten development time so you can get up and running sooner with a customized look and feel. 

They have also taken feedback from store owners and will be improving the administrative experience as well. Magento is a great system that provides many tools to manage a thriving online shopping site. Having all that power has been great, but navigating through the many menus and sections of the admin has caused some confusion and slowed down productivity at times. Preview images and video of Magento 2.0’s admin area shows a new layout with a focus on making the operation side easier to learn and maintain.

Overall, we are excited to see all that the new Magento 2.0 has to offer. eBay has so far shown a real interest in making the platform greater for store owners, developers, and customers. With many improvements including better testing, greater security features, and performance enhancements, Magento should be able to comfortably keep its status as one of the best online commerce platforms. We can’t wait to give it a try and start creating new and improved online shopping experiences for our clients.

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