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Dec 23

Engaging Employees and Fans on Social Media for Brand Advocacy

Posted in In The Know on by Jeff Bronson

In the last couple decades social media has become an integral part of modern society. It is a part of everything that we do from how we connect to friends to how pick a restaurant to eat at.

Obviously how deeply involved social media is in all of our lives also makes it a great marketing tool. Something that businesses picked up on very early on; but it wasn't until recently that they have started experimenting with this social media advertising. Among the most successful social media experiments companies have done is with brand advocacy. They have learned that employees connected to social media can be a powerful branding tool.

Employees working for a company have a big reason to want to see it succeed. The better the company they work for is doing the more job security they have. That commitment to the company is the perfect asset for increasing brand advocacy through social media. They can help companies reach out to their customer base on a much personal level, one that people are more likely to trust. Instead of a faceless company reaching out to them with targeted advertising, people will be hearing about a product from someone they trust.

In fact recent studies have shown that 92% of people trust people they already know. On the flip side only 14% of people are willing to trust advertisements they see online. On top of all that 77% of people are more willing to buy a product if someone they know recommended it to them.

Who else is better suited to help a company spread the word about a product than employees heavily involved in social media? Employees engaged on social media are perfectly suited to spread the word about their companies products. An employee that is heavily involved on social media can reach an audience 8 times as large as branded channels.

The best thing a company trying to get the word out can do is discover which of their employees are most involved in both social media and the company. These are the people who companies need to encourage to spread the word about their products online. Empowering them with the information and permission to spread content online is what will make them a powerful asset.

In fact companies who want to spread the word about a product should have a social media strategy. A social media strategy focuses your engaged employees towards a specific goal online. The key to this strategy is educating the most social media engaged employees on the goal. Explain to them where they should be focusing, what they should be sharing, even sending them drafts of content to post. All of these strategies will help boost the interest in specific product and do it much more quickly than regular advertising. Using engaged employees as an asset to spread the word on social media is going to give companies better results than anything else they've tried.

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