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Jun 16

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Posted in In The Know on by Jeff Bronson

Of all the many frustrations which can derail revenue growth in online business, poor conversion rate is among the most troubling. 

You’ve created a superb website and driven qualified traffic, yet sales are much lower than expected... we hear this a lot!

It’s surprising how little attention some companies spend regularly walking through their buying process and conversion funnels from the customer’s point of view.  Most of the time is spent on front end marketing, administrative duties and daily operations. Pouring money into a hole in a bucket is never a good idea. 

Luckily, by using the practice of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), these leaky buckets can be repaired and ensure your marketing dollars aren't going to waste.

While split testing is always a smart process to implement, there are lower hanging fruit opportunities that can first be attended to. 

Consider asking yourself the following questions to boost your website conversion rate.

1. Does my landing page match the searcher’s intent? 

Conversion happens before the click. If your landing page isn’t specifically catered to a problem or need, the incoming searcher is likely to click the back button, rather then poke around your site.

  • The searcher could be in the informational stage of their search and not ready to buy. In this case, can you create content addressing this query, while capturing an email address? 
  • Was this a pay per click visitor? All the more reason to ensure laser targeted content/service/product offerings to match the user’s intent.  Not doing so, will not only affect your conversion rate, but it will affect your rising PPC costs. 
  • Can you consider using your landing page to address several different personas? During initial market research , developing personas of the types of customers interested in your niche is very important.

2. Are my call to actions clear and prominent? 

CTA’s (Call To Action) need to be easy to find, clear in messaging, and give some type of confirmation they were successfully submitted. Often, call to actions are buried in a page footer, too small, or in a less than optimal area of the landing page.

Call to action color, size and verbiage all affect conversion.

Using the text “Yes, send my free report now”  is a lot better than “click here”.

Eye tracking studies have shown that most people view your webpage in a Z-pattern. Meaning the top right corner of your page is prime real estate for your call to action.  Notice how leading sites use this particular area for phone numbers, large buttons, eCommerce, shopping carts, summaries, etc.

After taking into account these low-hanging opportunities, consider running proper split testing of your individual page elements and see how that affects your bottom line.

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