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Aug 25

Why Your Web App Idea Is Worthless

Posted in In The Know on by David Morales

Ok, I chose a very provocative title so let me start by apologizing if I offended you. If I did offend you, chances are that you have an idea for a web-based product or service.

Aug 19

What Makes a Great Interactive Installation?

Posted in In The Know on by Sam Horton

The era of the “push button, listen to audio track” museum exhibit is quickly becoming a relic of the past.

Today’s installations and exhibits demand more from both viewer and creator. Whether we are talking about an experimental art piece, or a corporate trade show exhibit, the goal is to captivate and increasingly, to measure results.

Aug 12

Greater Community Driven Web Frameworks

Posted in In The Know on by JoeShon Monroe

When we start the process of choosing the right tools to complete a project a few questions come to mind. Is the tool reliable, does it have great community support, and could it increase productivity? There are numerous tools for various types of projects, but I will focus on the impact of web frameworks. It has been interesting to see how a few new features and an excited developer community can make creating new sites not only fun, but promote a better workflow.

Aug 11

The Best Web Development Platform is...

Posted in In The Know on by Tim Santor

The question, "What's the best web development platform to use right now?", has been asked a million times over. Is it Wordpress? Is it Laravel? Is it Drupal? Is it Joomla? Is it Django? Is it Node.js? The list goes on and on. I'm not going to get all technical on you, but you don't have to understand what these are or how they work to understand the answer.

Aug 04

Microsoft Kinect For Windows Version 2 Review

Posted in Reviews on by Jeff Bronson

This summer, Microsoft Kinect for Windows 2 will be released. X Studios was honored to be selected by Microsoft to “take it for a spin” as part of the beta testing group. For those reading this that are not familiar with the tech, Kinect allows users to interact naturally with computers by simply gesturing and speaking. Kinect is widely used in Xbox gaming, however, many may not realize that there’s infinite possibilities to create professional applications for themed attractions, retail, and experiential marketing .