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Sep 29

How to Increase Visitation Value for Museums using Technology

Posted in In The Know on by David Morales

While technology has somewhat challenged the value proposition of museums, it has also facilitated new and exciting ways to increase value. It’s time to embrace technology and better yet, use it to GROW a museum’s visitation value and ultimately increase attendance.

Sep 22

Are All Digital Agency Pricing Models Created Equally?

Posted in In The Know on by Jeff Bronson

“How much is this gonna cost me?”

Often times, in many commercial transactions this is among the first questions asked. Pricing strategies are not all created equal, or are they? Determining a reasonable pricing strategy, relies on more than just dollar signs alone.

A company’s past work, reputation, transparency, workflow, team flexibility, communication and availability are all contributing factors.

Sep 15

Create Personalized Experiences with iBeacon

Posted in In The Know on by JoeShon Monroe

Why do customers continually go to theme parks, retail stores, museums, etc? These facilities provide a great experience that many would like to enjoy again. As time goes by and technology expands in capabilities, businesses are looking for ways to enhance their customers’ experience through personalization. Apple’s iBeacon technology provides a new way to interact with people on a personal level.

Sep 08

A Unique Perspective Into Developing with Kinect for Windows

Posted in In The Know on by Chuck Wainman

I've had the privilege of developing several projects using Kinect 1 for Windows over the past few years. I eagerly await developing projects for use of the new Kinect 2. I think it will be interesting to compare the development experience between the two. Near the end of 2010, the Kinect for Xbox 360 arrived to let players be the controller. Two years later, Kinect for Windows let even more players be even more controllers. In the summer of 2014 the new and improved Kinect 2 bullies its way onto the scene. A common use case of Kinect is controlling an on screen avatar. This really demonstrates the promise of Kinect--you are the controller. Unlike most input devices (move your thumb against a stick and the character moves), the Kinect allows a player to move their arm, and the character on screen moves its arm. It's magic.

Sep 02

Pay Per Click Negative Keywords Are Your Best Friends

Posted in In The Know on by Jeff Bronson

"Perfection is not when there is no more to add, but no more to take away" -Bruce Lee

Pay per click advertising can be the golden ticket to penetrating and obtaining sales from your market, and it can also be a tremendous money pit if mismanaged.

PPC gives the unique ability to laser target your specific demographic , at the precise moment a prospect is looking for your product or service.