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Oct 28

Top 5 Unity 5 Features for Your Next Big Thing

Posted in In The Know on by Chuck Wainman

Unity®Pro 5, the next iteration of the popular game development engine will be available soon. With it comes many new features that are sure to boost quality and productivity in the creation of new experiences. Here at X Studios, Unity is one of our many tools, but it is my favorite. It has such versatility in what it can create and it is fun to use. What follows are some of its top features and how they will improve in the new version.

Oct 27

Why You Should Never Be Married to a Toolset

Posted in In The Know on by Sam Horton

If there is any constant in this world, it’s change. We are quite familiar with it,  but each time it happens, it turns the industry on its head, sifting out the best parts of the mix and leaving the rest to churn along. Sometimes (as David mentioned in his last post) it feels like we go back in time for a bit while the dust settles, but in the end, our capabilities and sensibilities expand for the better. We have all seen the tools that we rely on go through several passes of refinement, but occasionally, something new presents itself and changes the landscape. There is nothing quite like a new tool to breathe life into old ideas and approaches.

Oct 20

5 Website Techniques You May Not Know for Experiential Sites

Posted in In The Know on by David Morales

There was a weird period of time (after the death of Flash on the web) where it was difficult to deliver an experiential website to the masses without many HTML limitations. Interactive video, sound, real-time 3D and intricate animations were requests that HTML developers would often shoot down. The “it won’t work on IE or mobile” excuse was prevalent.

Oct 14

Uncovering Competitor Brand Mentions and Opportunities.

Posted in In The Know on by Jeff Bronson

Performing competitor research is a necessary part of launching a new website that should be given generous attention.  Understanding which type of content and marketing channels your potential customers are engaging with reveals how to leverage your strengths.

Ideally, competitor research is done during the initial planning stage of a website project, not a post-launch afterthought.  Doing competitor research may reveal that you possess the marketing acumen to crush all, and dominate your niche. If that's what your research reveals, then you're ahead of the curve.

Oct 07

Will Cars Become the Next Mobile App Platform?

Posted in In The Know on by JoeShon Monroe

Many car manufacturers in the last two years have introduced new in-car interactive displays. These features have provided the driver with an upgraded console that has made it easier than ever to route trips at home and sync them with their cars or play music with various applications. It also has reduced the need for drivers to fumble around for their phones to find locations nearby. Those features are great, but will this open the door for cars to become the next mobile application platform?