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Jun 01

The Use of Social Media in SEO

Posted in In The Know on by Jeff Bronson

Social media has become an unbelievably powerful tool in web marketing in the last decade. It has grown to be a hub for peoples everyday lives. A place where they not only connect with friends and families but also businesses. Huge scores of people have started turning to social media to learn about products that their interested in. Social media has become so important to people for finding content that they have started bypassing search engines. That means that search engines have started looking to places like Twitter to find content to rank.

This massive change from using search engines to find content to social media has had an equally big impact on SEO (search engine optimization). Obviously if people are not using search engines to find their content than web marketing has to adapt. Traditional SEO methods are not going to work in the same way that they used to. Marketers need to start using new techniques that take advantage of how connected they are to social media feeds.

Twitter and Facebook are the most commonly used social media sites on the web. They are also the easiest to create SEO driven content for. People regularly trade articles, reviews, and other information around social media. When a topic is popular it becomes a trend which will help it spread further and faster. Trending topics have become such a powerful way to spread the word about a topic that search engines are using them to generate results.

Because people and search engines have both started turning to social media web marketers need to do the same with SEO driven content. Fortunately this change won't be difficult to make because many old SEO techniques can be changed to fit social media. One of the simplest methods is to generate content that revolves around a single keyword. That is the keyword marketers will want to use to spread their content around social media as well. That is the heart of social media SEO.

Every piece of content such as articles and reviews should be published on the companies social media feeds. Every post that web marketers make will use the same keyword that the content was based around, to give its SEO an even strong focus. The only other thing to keep in mind is how important the social reputation of the account that is making these posts are. Social media accounts that marketers use can't simply post this SEO driven content. Not if they want anyone to take the content or the account seriously.

Social reputation is something that an account builds by genuinely interacting with other people on social media. It is no different than being well respected in the offline world. If the account the content is being posted to looks like spam because all it does is post articles that's what people will think it is. Marketers will have to interact with people on social media just like they do their real life clients. A well respected social media account with keyword driven posts is as powerful as a high Google ranking.