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Dec 07

Mobile Web Pages have Become More Important than Ever

Posted in In The Know on by Jeff Bronson

A mobile first experience is still relatively new. . When mobile browsing first came to be no one could have predicted how big that it would become. It is so new that many businesses and websites are not seeing how important it has become to customers and users. Mobile browsing is quickly becoming the number one way that people interact with the web. They are reading, searching, posting, and all of their other online activities on mobile devices. This switch to mobile browsing means that it is more important than ever for websites.

In fact businesses that are invested in their online image or are exclusively online can't afford to not have mobile friendly websites. Mobile web browsing use is projected to outgrow desktop usage during 2015. All of these mobile users are going to be expecting the website they visit to have a version ready for them, a responsive design separate from the desktop version. Sites that had created a mobile friendly version before now were ahead of the pack. Having a mobile friendly version is no longer the edge over the competition that it used to be.

At this point any business that doesn't have a mobile friendly version is risking losing a huge amount of its user base. Average users want to get their information in a hurry without having to worry about the troubles that come with a desktop site. Mobile friendly pages save users from slow loading times, no trouble scrolling, plus easy to find contact info and content. Easy secure access is the best way to get users to stay on a site and keep them coming back.

Simply creating a mobile friendly version of a website isn't enough though. Once mobile users reach the site it's going to need a strong landing page to keep them interested in it. The landing page needs to supply customers with all the info that they are looking for as well as links to get to what they are looking for. In fact research has already shown how big of a difference a well made landing page can make to a business site.

According to a 2012 study on what mobile users are looking for from a site 67% of users are more willing to buy from a site simply if it is mobile friendly. On top of that 74% of users stated that they are more likely to return to a site that is mobile friendly. So a mobile friendly site paired with a strong landing page can lead to a huge jump in a sites conversion rates. That in turn will lead to an equally large jump in sales with more customers coming in.

Mobile friendly web pages have a long list advantages for both users and site owners. These are just a few of the greatest ones that the switch from desktop to mobile has to offer. No matter the potential advantages site owners are going to have to make the switch to mobile and soon.

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