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Nov 24

What Tone Should Your Social Media Take?

Posted in In The Know on by Jeff Bronson

Determining the optimal tone for your social media interactions can be the difference between content your readers want to share, and content they ignore.  If you speak in your audience’s lingo, it will seem more personal, and hit closer to the heart.

Nov 19

4K Display and Your Business

Posted in In The Know on by Jeff Bronson

Remember when Apple introduced the second iPhone and if you still had the old iPhone? You hung your head in embarrassment when holding it next to your friend's beautiful new phone. Hang on to that for a sec.

4K is being seen by users in an array of different arenas which means the user now EXPECTS that sharper, higher quality image everywhere. If you are not currently using those 4K screens or have a plan in place to start rolling them out you might want to think about it.

Nov 17

"Rescue Me" Projects

Posted in In The Know on by Tim Santor

At X Studios, we have a policy of not taking on "rescue me "projects.  What is a "rescue me" project? We define it as those projects where a potential client hired a development team who chose to build an application on top of the wrong toolset and after many weeks, months or years of frustration and getting nowhere, they come to us asking us to "finish the job".

Nov 06

How eBay and Magento Plan to Enhance Your Online Shopping Experience

Posted in News on by JoeShon Monroe

Today we can easily say there are hundreds of thousands of online stores. Some are small while others are well established. Many store owners began selling goods on sites like eBay. eBay provided the security and infrastructure so that store owners could focus more on promoting their products. Now other services like Shopify, SquareSpace, and WooCommerce are providing the same experience. eBay has recently decided to invest their money into the open source online commerce platform Magento. Magento provides a secure framework for creating online stores with the ability to heavily customize the experience. With eBay as the proud new owners Magento is undergoing major changes to enhance online shopping experiences for customers and owners.

Oct 28

Top 5 Unity 5 Features for Your Next Big Thing

Posted in In The Know on by Chuck Wainman

Unity®Pro 5, the next iteration of the popular game development engine will be available soon. With it comes many new features that are sure to boost quality and productivity in the creation of new experiences. Here at X Studios, Unity is one of our many tools, but it is my favorite. It has such versatility in what it can create and it is fun to use. What follows are some of its top features and how they will improve in the new version.