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Aug 16

Digital Activations Using Computer Vision

Posted in In The Know on by Maggie Lane

The applications of computer vision are seemingly endless and include: augmented reality, self-driving vehicles, biometrics, feature recognition, security, robotics and our favorite of course, digital activations. Here are some of our favorite examples. READ MORE
Jul 27

Top virtual reality technologies to watch out for - EOY '17

Posted in Virtual Reality on by Maggie Lane

The road to virtual reality has been bumpy, and not as paved with gold as we in the industry had hoped for. That being said, we’ve come a long way since the original clunky Oculus headsets, and the amount of technological progress in just a few years is staggering. All told, 2017 is becoming a banner year for VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and XR (Extended Reality). Here are some of the developments we’re most excited about.

Jul 19

4 Examples of Interactive Theme Park Attractions

Posted in Reviews on by Maggie Lane

Although theme parks have always been immersive by nature, interactive technologies have raised the bar on fun. Interactivity is often employed via different methods, including touch-screen games, computer vision and in recent years virtual reality.

Jul 12

5 Cool Augmented Reality Apps

Posted in Augmented Reality on by Maggie Lane

Ever since Apple’s ARKit was announced on June 5th, 2017, content creators have been like kids in a candy store. The new toolkit allows developers to create Augmented Reality apps, also known as AR experiences on the iPhone and iPad; and immediately transformed iOS devices into the biggest collective AR platform in the world.

Apr 27

Vision Summit 2017 is coming up!

Posted in Virtual Reality on by David Morales

Vision Summit, the most anticipated Virtual Reality conference of 2017 is coming up next week. Our very own David Morales has been invited by Unity to be one of the speakers. The session will discuss location-based virtual reality installations. If you are going make sure to check it out and say hi!